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Classic vs. Volume - Who What Where When and How

If you're brand new to the world of lash extensions, or you're a seasoned veteran, you most likely are at least a little unclear as to the differen...

How to Meet Your Perfect Match - In the Lash World

Have you met them? Like the one? The one who will stand beside you through thick and thin, take your calls and texts at any hour of the day, and th...

Lashes for Every Occasion

Have you got a few events coming up this summer? If so, consider getting a pair of premium eyelash extensions. We go into the cost, styling, and longterm benefits of extensions vs. single-day wear makeup. 

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Lash Extension Aftercare

Now that you have these gorgeous lashes we know you're going to want to take care of them so they stay as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. 

We completely understand how longevity is important to our clients as you spend your hard earned money on these extensions - so firstly we want you to know that we are on your side with this :)