Classic vs. Volume - Who What Where When and How

If you're brand new to the world of lash extensions, or you're a seasoned veteran, you most likely are at least a little unclear as to the difference between classic lashes and volume lashes. To help with the confusion, we've decided to break down a few main points as to what the difference is so you can make the choice as to which styling is right for you (with some additional guidance from your stylist of course).

Classic Lashes

Often referred to as classic or 1:1 lashes, this technique of eyelash application are where one extension is applied individually to one natural lash (this is why the ration is 1:1).

Depending on your own lash density, the overall look can vary as if you have dense lashes, this will result in a denser overall look, and if you have sparser lashes, the overall look will be a little more sparse.

Generally speaking, classic/1:1 lashes are an ideal service to start off with when you're first trying eyelash extensions. This is because you're almost guaranteed to have lashes that aren't too thick, and simply an extension of your natural lashes. 

Finally, classic lashes tend to be less expensive that volume lashes. This is because the product costs less, and the technique is less technical - therefore the cost can be lower. So this can be an ideal service for those who are a little more price conscious.

Classic Lashes extensions, 1:1 technique, by Lovely Lashes Galway Volume Lashes, 2D-5D technique, by Lovely Lashes Galway

Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes side by side comparison


Volume Lashes

For the purpose of this blog we'll be focusing on Volume Lashes 2D-5D. It should be noted that mega volume, however, as this is a service not yet offered by Lovely Lashes Galway - we won't be going too much into detail #sorrynotsorry

So, back to the point - volume lashes are a bit different that classic lashes because this technique requires the lash artist to apply 2-5 lashes to 1 natural lash. What your artist will do, is create a beautiful little fan, varying in size depending on your natural lashes/desired look, and will apply them to a single natural lash.



This technique will result in a much thicker, fluffier look to your lashes. The look can be soft or bold, and will be completely dependant on the style you discuss with your lash artist. 

All in both techniques are beautiful, and require a lot of skill - so get out there and chat with your lash artist, and let both you creativity soar!