How to Meet Your Perfect Match - In the Lash World

Have you met them?

Like the one? The one who will stand beside you through thick and thin, take your calls and texts at any hour of the day, and the one who will be there to help you at your lowest (lash count). If yes - no need to read on, you've hooked yourself a keeper!

However, if you're like many who are still on the hunt for that one - we've compiled a few tips and tricks for you to help you separate the keepers from those who should be left behind:

  • Is your technician qualified?
    • This is a really important question to ask, and if you're ever unsure do ask for evidence. Why is it important? Because it's your eyes and their safety should be number 1. The lash industry is filled to the brim with highly educated lash technicians who have invested time and money into learning safe, healthy, and proper technique. Don't let yourself be swayed by a less expensive price point - but rather go for the technician that is the most qualified in the service you're looking for
  • How long has your technician been lashing for?
    • High quality work takes time and effort, so this is an important thing to consider depending on the event/reason behind you getting eyelash extensions. Is it your wedding day? We'd recommend going with someone with a few years under their belt (no need to cause yourself extra stress). Is it just for fun? Why not support a new budding lash technician and get them done by them? What are the pros you ask? Because they're new, often times they offer discounted price points because they're still mastering their technique, and are perhaps a bit slower. Further, if you stick with them they'll respect you for your loyalty and you'll have a devout lash technician for life (score!)
  • What are their reviews like?
    • We live in a world dominated by social media where everyone can have a voice (which can be a downfall if it's your granny talking about how much of a 'fine gentleman' your new boytoy is), and with that voice comes some great benefits: reviews. How often have their clients reviewed them, what did they say, what did they get the service done for. This will all give you insight into how committed the lash technician is to their work, their clients, and the overall quality.
  • How fast do they reply?
    • You're not only looking for a great lash technician, but also an awesome business owner. Had you messaged them? If so - were you made to wait days, or even weeks before a reply? For us that would signify a red flag. Good business owners reply within a few hours of messages being sent because their job is to make sure you're heard. This isn't to say mistakes never happen - but if you see that they don't reply quickly, perhaps they're not as invested in the role as you'd like them to be
  • What policies do they have? 
    • Policies are an important thing to consider as in some ways certain policies might not work for you and your life. Do they have a policy where you need to cancel at least 72hours before your appointment? Are you in a job where you could really only offer 24hours notice? Yes? Then perhaps this lash technician isn't for you. Further, this is an important aspect to look into as policies outline extra costs - which are important to respect. Perhaps the technician charges for lash baths, extra time, etc. These are all important things to know so that you're not in a position where you're being charged more than you had expected - all because you hadn't read the fine print
  • Do they stand by their work?
    • You'll get the best feel of this when you go meet your technician, but one way to tell the real deal apart from the fakers is their guarantee on their work. If they are active on social media always boasting about their work, and they offer a no-fuss policy like a 3day "no questions asked" free fix policy then you know this one's in it for the long haul. This is because quality eyelash technicians stand by their quality work. If their services are worth their weight, then your lash technician would have no issue offering a great deal like "if you have issues with in three days, come back for a free touch-up/removal/reassessment. 
  • Do they do a patch-test?
    • This is our final but arguably most important point. Why is a patch-test so important, and a massive sign that you have a great lash technician? Because, this shows they put your safety and health ahead of making money (right where it belongs). This tells you that rather than rushing you in and charging you €100 for a fabulous set, they want to make sure that lashes are right for you, get a sense of your style, and want to meet you before the big day! Aside from the obvious health benefits including the fact that you won't have an allergic reaction, this also gives your lash technician the chance to see your eye shape, get a sense or your style, and for you to both talk about your wants and set the expectation. An experience that a true lover of lashes wouldn't give up on.

So there you have it - hopefully these few tips will help you decide on whether it's true love or just a summer fling.

As always #StayLovely