Your First Appointment

Yay! So exciting that you are going to take a deep dive into the luxurious world of eyelash extensions. We can proudly say you have selected a great place to start/continue your eyelash journey here with us at Lovely Lashes Galway, and we will do everything to ensure you feel comfortable, empowered, and fall in love with your #LovelyLashes.

The first appointment is a great chance for us to meet, talk about your style, have a laugh, and set the expectation in terms of aftercare, prep, and any other questions you may have.

Booking a patch test is mandatory for all new clients, no exceptions.

This appointment is crucial so we can really get down to your style preferences, and hopefully help you feel further at ease and very excited about the whole experience. Most importantly, it's at this appointment that we will test for any sensitivity you might have towards the products we use. We take the health of your eyes and eyelashes very seriously, so that is why the the patch test is a crucial part of the Lovely Lashes Galway experience. 

What to Expect

Upon arriving to your first appointment, you can expect the following:

  1. Be greeted warmly by one of our amazing qualified technicians
  2. To be promptly brought into the lash room
  3. To have you coat, purse, etc hung up for you as you get comfy and go through the consultation form
  4. To then be guided through our styling experience, where our technician will look through a variety of styles with you, while talking about your specific desires, and starting the mapping plan for your specific eyes
  5. To be then invited to lay down on the lash bed where we will quickly and perfectly place 3-4 lashes on each eye
  6. Afterwards, you simply pay the non-refundable €20 deposit, which will come off the cost of your full service
  7. Lastly, we go over a few parting details, and that's in! The entire service will take less than 30minutes, and you're all set and ready to-go on your #LovelyLashesGalway experience


Reminder: You must book your patch test at least 48hrs before your full-set. This means:

  • If you book your patch test on Monday at 6pm, the earliest you can get your full-set is Wednesday at 6pm